The Benefits of Gift Cards

Gift cards used to be thought of as impersonal gifts, that should only be given as a last resort or to people you didn't care much about. However, in recent years all of that has changed. In fact 80% of people hope to receive a gift card instead of an actual present, and in 2007, the most sought after gift during the holiday season was a gift card as well. Here are some of the benefits of giving and receiving a gift card that has made them such a popular present in recent years.

No More Disappointment

Since very few people will actually tell you what they truly want as a gift, a gift card can eliminate the disappointment that is evident when you get someone something that they do not enjoy. With a gift card, the receiver is free to pick out whatever they choose, instead of relying on your psychic abilities to provide a good present.
Everyone has a hideous sweater, unsightly tie, or a dozen useless knickknacks lying around that they have received from friends and family members throughout the years. When give a gift card to someone, you are ensuring that you will not be the giver of one of those disappointing gifts.

Great for Last Minute Gifts or New Acquaintances

Gift cards make perfect last minute presents. They are available at my gas stations, drug stores, and even online. You can send someone an online gift card that can be printed from their computer literally minutes before their birthday if you like. This makes them perfect for that almost forgotten occasion, and keeps you from feeling bad.
They are also perfect for those new acquaintances that you do not know well enough to purchase a real gift for. Business owners big and small alike should also consider gift cards as a solution to holiday or incentive gift giving. Since they probably do not know their employee's tastes that well, a gift card is an ideal present in such situations.

Variety is the Spice of Life

There is no end to the variety of gift cards that are available. Even local small businesses are now beginning to offer gift cards for their goods or services. Whether you are looking to purchase a card for a restaurant, golf course, Movie Theater, or high end department store, gift cards are available for them all. No matter what someone is interested in, there is a card that will put a smile on their face.

They are no Longer a Giving Faux Pa

In the past, many people have hesitated to give gift cards as presents because it was considered a giving faux pa. It was not acceptable to present someone with a card that let them know exactly what you were spending on them. However, now it considered a courtesy to give someone a gift card and allow them to pick out something that will truly make them happy.
Gift cards have now become the top item on everyone's wish list, and gift givers are finding it easier to please with the large selection of cards that are available. Businesses have found the giving such cards as incentives or bonuses encourage employees to work harder, and provide for greater company satisfaction. All around gift cards have now become one of the hottest gifts to both give and receive.

Bryan Halverson is the owner of Central Valley Gift Cards, a new concept that sells gift cards from Fresno, Bakersfield, Stockton, and many other local merchants throughout the valley. Gift cards from several national retailers are also available.

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